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Our Large Shipment of Glittens have Arrived!

Is it a glove? Is it a mitten? It’s the best of both worlds! Our Alpaca Glittens offer the warmth of a mitten and the dexterity of gloves, making them a perfect fit for hunting or any activity where you need quick access to your fingers. The mitt flap pulls back and attaches with a secure button, giving your digits free roam.

Hillsboro Alpaca Ranch LLC started homing Suri alpacas in December of 2014. The idea of starting an alpaca operation began when our family took a trip to Peru. One of the owners, Raul, (a native of Peru) quickly showed us the impact that the alpaca has had on the rich Peruvian culture. These curious animals stole our hearts, and we wanted to create an alpaca ranch that embraced the history and cultural influence of these beautiful animals for everyone to experience.

In just over six months, our alpaca ranch has rapidly grown to include both Suri and Huacayas. People who are passing through cannot help but notice all of the alpacas leisurely roaming in the pasture. We welcome you to stop by our ranch to receive a tour and learn more about the alpaca!